We offer different financing options and provide our clients with a list of trusted lenders. Our years of experience and knowledge in construction financing will allow you to learn your options and make the best decision for you and your family. 


We built to suit on your lot or ours. We have an inventory of lots ready to build on. Please contact us for availability. Additionally, we actively seek lots for purchase. If you are looking to sell your home or lot, please contact us. A quick close is available.


Our Services

After initial meetings, we begin on YOUR home. We will meet with an architect, develop home plans, create specification sheet and finalize contract. These steps are very important and we strive to build a collaborative relationship with our clients from the very start. 

After this initial call, we are available to meet for an in-person interview to make sure we are a good fit. We understand that building your home is a large investment and you should enter into this process with someone whose craftsmanship aligns with your vision. 


We begin with an initial phone call to discuss the vision you have for your home. This includes location, build, timeline and any questions/concerns you might have. 


our process


Island construction made the process so simple and streamlined from our very first meeting to handing us the keys. John is incredibly knowledgeable about all phases of the building process and was able to help us have a clear vision of the house every step of the way, there were no surprises! John and his wonderful team answered all of our questions, day or night. We cannot say enough good things about our experience!! We feel like we were able to build our dream home with our dream team!

- Jen & Blaine

"They made every vision we had come to life."


They have a wealth of experience and knowledge and a loyal team of fantastic subcontractors. John is hands-on throughout construction and always available for questions and revisions to make sure your dream home comes true. John is honest and reliable. Projects are finished on time and on budget. Island Construction is a class act – it’s no wonder they build so many houses in Elmhurst and often many on the same street. The quality of their work, along with their superior customer service makes it easy to recommend them to anyone! 

- Courtney & Travis

"[they] make sure your dream home comes true."


He turned a terrible situation that was off the rails with another builder mid-project into an ABSOLUTE SUCCESS. I'm not sure where we would be without him and his team. My wife worked closely with Nicole on the key decisions to stay organized and we were back on schedule in no time. We are very happy with our new home and highly recommend Island Construction!!!

- Stephanie and Kort

"We have COMPLETE TRUST in John Pembroke and Island Construction."


John embodies integrity, professionalism and a commitment to quality. It is exceedingly rare in today's world that you can build a business relationship based primarily on trust but that is par for the course with John! Once he commits to a budget and timeline it is something that can be counted on His dedication to his customers is unparalleled and he truly loves to see families living happily in the homes that he builds them. We've worked with other builders, but would never consider anyone but Island. 

- Marina and Ron

 "truly one of the best decisions we ever made."


Are you ready to let us build your dream home? If so, the best way to get in touch with us is through the inquiry from linked below.


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